Saturday, 3 May 2014

One kind of perfect

Today I have a perfect day planned. No felix felicis, and no sangria in the park, but a perfect day never-the-less. It wouldn't be perfect every day, oh no sirree, but today it is perfectly perfect for me.

Perfect Thing 1:

Shh, listen, can you hear it? No me neither! It is all quiet here at stitches and seeds. We are in the midst of two weeks of school holibobs and a three week visit from my mother-in-law, which together (or in fact individually) makes for a noisy noisy house. But this morning they have all gone out. They have gone dolphin watching to be precise, but that is for another perfect day. Today is all about the quiet.

Post from the latest ship

Perfect Thing 2:

I am about to clean my house. Not sounding so perfect? Well, I am planning a super-speedy whip round to make it a seriously nicer place to be. No more than an hour that is for sure, but empty the bins, wipe round the bathroom, poke the hoover about and wizz through some washing up. The opportunity for it not to be undone as I go is pretty special!

Books, magazines, cards, postcards and is that a sewing pattern I spy?

Perfect Thing 3:

Once I have a quietly clean house I am going to play. A few weeks late I am going to link up with Lazy Daisy Jones for her sew-along. The pattern just arrived in the post (thanks Daisy for forwarding it on) and I might just have to open it up... If you take yourself over here you will find the sew-along  and could maybe have a go yourself.

red rickrack on blue - squeeeee

Perfect Thing 4:

One of my brothers is getting married today. Another kind if perfect day would include hightailing it to Cornwall, getting togged up, sitting in the church in anticipation, soaking up the loveliness of the service, donning wellies and having a knees up in a field afterwards just like the rest of them are going to do today. But today's perfect for me will be to take advantage of the quiet and to watch it on Skype. I might even don a fascinator...

D - just above the knee

Perfect Thing 5:

If there is any time left, I might even have a look at one of my new magazines. These are highly prized due to the difficultly and expense of getting them here and are to be thoroughly absorbed and enjoyed. The vagaries of the post mean that this ship brought May 2014 and Nov 2013. Very St Helena!


What is perfect about today with you?



  1. I'm a few weeks late too. I'm still waiting for my pattern to come. I was hoping it would be delivered today so I could start on Monday.Next weekend it will have to be though. Hope you have a great day catching up with your magazines.

  2. Oh what a perfectly lovely perfect day that sounds! Enjoy :-)
    I'm hoping for a perfectly quiet and restful day today too, after a busy week. Planning to sew some new cushions for the sitting room, and maybe get some weeding done in the front garden too.
    Happy Sunday, and looking forward to seeing your finished skirt.