Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Small Achievement

One of the sights of Jamestown is Jacob's Ladder - 699 steps, each about 11 inches high rising 600 feet straight up the side of the valley. 

Last year we witnessed the new world record climb.

Yesterday a similarly huge achievement was made.  

Tall Girl and Big Trouble took part in the Ladder Challenge as part of the St Helena Day celebrations.

Tall Girl (who is 8) made it up in 11m 14s. Big Trouble (who is 3) took 18m 2s. They each got a medal and were quite rightly pleased as punch with their efforts.

I was very proud of them, and also proud of Tiny Boy who knows that competition makes him stressed and decided to join me as part of the support crew. He will do the ladder in his own time another day.

What are you proud of today?



  1. Well done to both of them, and the support team.
    Quite a view from the top!

  2. Well done to those little legs! :) x

  3. Well done to your children, quite a way to walk!

  4. Congratulations to all three smalls!