Friday, 20 December 2013

Tenth Make for Christmas - Jam Jar Lanterns

These little beauties will add a touch of sparkle to proceedings. Great for hanging in trees...

Jam Jar Lanterns

Difficulty: The Smalls can do it with a tiny amount of help.

You will need: jam jar, glue (modge podge or pva), paint brush, tissue paper, wire, wire cutters, tea light, matches.

Tear the tissue into little pieces.

Glue to the jar  to make a picture, or a pattern or a cutting edge post modern abstract image.

Once the glue is dry, give it another coat.



Moon over lake in snow
 Once all is dry cut a 60 - 70 cm length of wire.

Twist round the top of the jar.

Bring the long end over the top and tuck through to make a handle.

Bend the handle into a pleasing shape.

Light a tealight and carefully drop into the lantern.


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