Saturday, 21 December 2013

Eleventh Make for Christmas - Paper Chains

Today's offering is inspired by the make-do-and-mend/make-something-out-of-nothing spirit brought on by necessity in such a remote place. Planters are made out of tyres, tables out of oil drums. Cars are held together with duck tape and cable ties and my Christmas decorations are made out of newspaper.

Paper Chains

Difficulty: Child's play.

You will need: newspapers, scissors, stapler, good TV or a film.

Press play on the DVD player. Cut many many strips, each about 4cm wide and 15cm long.

Go wild with a stapler.

Balance precariously on a chair to attach them to the ceiling by any means you fancy. I used sticky tape but I live in a tin house owned by someone else.

Add a centre piece of your choice - Chinese lantern?

If the film's not finished, what about some paper stars, snowmen...


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