Thursday, 11 July 2013

I made this and thought of Ada Bea

Do you know Ada Bea? She has a pretty and most lovely blog which you can find over here, and my post today is inspired by her. (Oh, and she is doing a fabby and fun giveaway right now so definitely worth a visit before Sunday.)
Just before we left for our sub-tropical adventure, a new and wondrous charity shop opened in our town (please please please let it still be there). On my first and only poke about, I came up with a fabulous haul which I never managed to blog about because we left within a day or two and other things rather got in the way.
The haul included a large rag doll which Tall Girl named Bluebell (all her dolls have flower names except the one that once was called Baby Jesus but then became Eleanor - have I ever mentioned that my Smalls are crazy?). There was a lovely towelling over-the-head swimming costume covering thingy, a monsoon dress which is still too tight, some mugs which I left in the UK and these.

I had not long discovered Ada Bea and her lovely blog, and I pounced on them from a great distance. Two pillow cases and two king sized flat sheets. I was full of much glee, I can tell you. I stuffed Bluebell, the towel thingy, the dress and the sheets into the already overcrowded suitcases and prayed we wouldn't be over the weight limit. You see, I couldn't possibly go on a sub-tropical adventure without them. I was not yet sure why I needed them with me, but need them I did.

Then a few weeks ago a sad thing happened. In the realms of sad things it was at the minor end, but it made me sad. One of the pillow cases that we use all the time on our bed, and we received as a wedding present ten years ago, tore. Right across the middle of the top side. It was unmendable. The fabric had worn so thin it was practically non-existent, and I was sad. I poked about on the interweb thinking we could order some new pillow cases and a new duvet cover to go with them. Then I discovered the price of cotton bedding and the revoltingness of most of the designs. I was more sad. Then I remembered my lovely vintage sheets hiding in the fabric-stash trunk, waiting...

Waiting for me to sew them round three sides. Waiting for me to leave a large gap in the middle of the fourth. Waiting for me to turn my new duvet cover the right way out and put on my bed.


I can't wait to go to bed tonight!



  1. Well done you! That looks fab. Sleep tight & sweet dreams...zzzz :-)

  2. Sweetheart, what a tribute! You've made yourself one lovely duvet cover there.....wishing you many, many good nights sleep, and lovely dreams! :) x

  3. Gorgeous! So simple and yet so lovely, and I'll bet it makes you smile every time you look at it!

  4. Ooh I do know Ada Bea! Very VSA ... you've done an amazing job!

    Love Claire xxx

  5. Very clever! Looks great.