Monday, 15 July 2013

An English Country Garden...

 ...except it is in a town.
I have written before about missing my beloved patch, but this week it really came back with a bang.

My friend and gardener who is looking after it while we are away sent through some snaps to show us how it is doing...

It is lush and full and verdant and floriferous and wonderful,

and I miss it  - terribly.

Not that I am complaining because I am loving having an adventure instead.

But look how desperate those raised beds are for rows of lettuces and wigwams of mange touts.

I have to say, under Richard's care the grass is looking more lawn-like than it ever did for me. I have heard rumours of a strimmer...

I am hoping hoping hoping for an Indian Summer in Englandshire this year so I can have a little summer-garden fix when we go back for our holibobs.

In the words of the wonderful Alan Titchmarch: Whatever you do this weekend, enjoy your garden!



  1. It looks such a lovely garden,no wonder you are missing it!

  2. It looks lovely, and happy to hear that it's being well looked after in your absence. Summer is here and it's been glorious the past couple of weeks, so I hope it sticks around for your holiday too :-)

  3. Looks like a lovely garden to go home to! Nice to be so 'rooted' (yes, I'm hilarious)

  4. Your garden will still be there when you return, it looks like it is being well looked after....yep I'm enjoying my garden in this glorious sunshine! :) x

  5. Oh Eleanor, you're little garden looks lovely, but as Ada says, it is waiting for you, and not long now.

    Thank you for dropping into Thriftwood... you're always welcome!

    Love Claire xxx

  6. I'm very envious of the lovely old walls in your garden. It's a nice position to be in - enjoying the adventure but having something to look forward to when it comes to an end.

  7. Thanks for all the lovely comments - i'll take you on a proper tour when we get back. xxx

  8. Your garden is lovely! I can understand why you miss it, but I do hope you're having a fine adventure!

  9. Your garden is fabulous....and I too would miss such a beauty...but life is for the living and you know your garden is patiently waiting for you to return one day...
    bestest to you as always