Thursday, 18 July 2013

Granny bunting for Yarndale

As you may have noticed, I am getting just the teensiest bit excited about our trip back to the UK in September. One element of our exciting plans, that is extra-specially exciting, is a wee trip we have booked for just J and me. We are not going far, but we are going on our own, which will be a lovely treat. We were umming and ahhing about where to go and eventually decided on Harrogate.
It is somewhere I have fancied for a while and it is just down the road from Skipton which just happens to be hosting Yarndale while we are there. Yarndale is a coming together of all things yarny and crafty and wooly and I couldn't believe it when I found out that we might actually be able to go.
Now, I found out about Yarndale through the lovely Lucy at Attic 24. I can't believe there are any crafty or bloggy types that don't know her, but if you never have, pop over and take a peek - you won't be disappointed. 

As part of the yarny celebrations Lucy is organising a mammoth amount of crocheted bunting to decorate the venue - Skipton Auction Mart.

Here is my small contribution, I wanted something distinctive so I can try and find them when I get there.

If you want to join in the bunting fun there is still time. You can find the pattern and instructions here and the address to send them to here.

I am completely excited and will be putting these on the next ship and hoping they make it in time.

I think she is also planning a globe to show where all the triangles have come from so it would be lovely to have St Helena on the map.

Maybe I'll bump into a few bloggy friends in Skipton, I do hope so, although quite how we'll know each other I have no idea!



  1. I am just about to press my triangles and send them off to Lucy.I have gone for a rainbow theme(so I could spot mine) and I hope Lucy doesn't think they are too bright!!I am going to Yarndale on the Saturday with my daughter.I am hoping to get her inspired into crafting.She doesn't have a lot of spare time as she teaches 3 days a week and has two little girls.

  2. Your triangles look great, I love the way you've done the contrasts and for sure you'll be able to pick them out in a bunting crowd!
    I hoping to get to Yarndale for the day on the Sunday - I think quite a lot of bloggy peeps will be there, so we should definitely try and have a meet-up place/time - that'd be fun :-)
    Have a great weekend,

  3. Gorgeous bunting, loving the colour combinations. I'm ashamed to say my bunting for Lucy is still in the planning stage ~ Sarah x

  4. Brilliant bunting and I love Skipton and Harrogate and am sure you will too. xCathy