Monday, 24 June 2013

Tarn-tastic Ta Da!

Ta Da! 

I am totally and completely chuffed about how lovely my new bathmat is. It is made from the t shirt yarn (tarn) that I made the other day.

I used 15 mm needles to knit it up in simple garter stitch. I tried crocheting it, but the biggest hook available was 12 mm and not really big enough. Anyway I like the simplicity of the rows - like fields of flowers for cutting.

30 stitches per row, as many rows as each ball would allow (although an even number each time to keep the colour changes all on one side).

I put an edge on each side because it seemed like a good idea, and actually it has stabilised the stretchiness which can get out of hand because it is quite heavy.

The success of the edge inspired me to use the left overs for a little log-cabin something. I'll have to see what it turns into!

I think I may need to buy more t shirts really quite soon...



  1. It's a fantastic bath mat, well done! :) x

  2. Oh wow, what a fab thing to make, it looks great.

  3. Love it! Well done, it turned out great. Love the combo of colours too.

  4. Hey sweetie! I´d happily send Clara the traveling owl your way :) Email me if you like to have her around for a visit :) xoxo

  5. Brilliant - what a cheery bathmat! On my projects list is to make a big floor cushion from tarn; I'm inspired to move it a few places up the list.
    I hope life's calming down a bit for you xx

  6. Yay - your blog approves of me again! I've tried to comment a couple of times in the last few weeks, and they've disappeared. I'm glad I'm in its good books again :-) x

  7. Your bath mat has turned out great! I love it, so colourful and cheery.
    M x

  8. love it! and yes i am raiding the wardrobes now my rug is using up t-shts at an alarming rate! i love your colours.....d x