Thursday, 6 June 2013

Sharing the flax-weaving love

My Dad arrived in St Helena for a month, with a plan. A plan to see and do as much as he possibly could in the time available. One of the things he wanted to do was to have a go at flax weaving. 

We started small with an arum lily, then a little vase (neither of which I remembered to photograph), then we moved onto the main event: a shopping basket.

I had attempted one before but had not been very pleased with the handle. It just isn't strong enough to take any weight.

We ummed and urred while he made the basket, discussing various approaches. We looked at other baskets made from other materials and considered half remembered baskets that we has seen once somewhere.

When it came to it, we arrived at a solution almost by accident, but I think it will work.

I say 'I think' because we finally finished it the night before he left, and there was no time to dry it and see what would happen then. You see, the fibres shrink as they dry which can change everything... Since Dad doesn't get to Capetown until tomorrow, and home to Cornwall until Saturday, I haven't been able to ask him how it has turned out.



  1. He'll love it because you made it! :) x

  2. It's gorgeous, I hope it survives the long journey home .. Sarah x

  3. Used it today for the first time! Two packs of strawberries, a pot of double cream, two packs of back bacon and a loaf - all on their way to Ben's as a contribution to a Fathers' Day lunch. Much admired and handles still intact. Vintage Sheet Addict: We made it together: Eleanor provided the brain and I provided the fingers!
    Lots of love, Dad xxx!