Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Window shopping

Good morning!
Would you like to come and see one of my favourite shops in Jamestown? It is in a pretty building called the Canister, which also houses the tourist information office. 

I love the bow fronted window with all the little panes of glass. It is like something in ye olde englysh towne.

It is the Arts and Crafts Centre. It would be wouldn't it? They sell work made by craftsmen and women on the island - wooden picture frames, jewellery, handmade paper, hand-spun yarn and flax work, plus a few craft materials, postcards etc.

Shall we have a look in the window?

The window display at the moment is of all the flax work that we have been making in our flax class. Some of it is for sale, but a lot is just there to show what can be done. The display was put together by a local interior designer who volunteers for the centre.

I think it is absolutely beautiful - both the objects themselves, and the way they are displayed. You can probably recognise my hat and basket.


The sun streaming through the window is beautiful too, but it makes it terribly hard to photograph!

I love the use of props and the way objects have been combined.

The lovely Josie made these fabulous stacking baskets. Wouldn't they make a lovely present?

Rose anyone? And the dyeing experiments made lovely bracelets. We used food colouring since commercial fabric dyes are hard to come by here.

I am really very chuffed to see the beautiful results of everyone's hard work.


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