Tuesday, 28 May 2013

St Helena Day Part 2

Arg! Sometimes life gets in the way of blogging. J fell over playing football on Saturday and broke his elbow so I have been a wee bit busy! Anyway back to St Helena Day almost a whole week ago...
So, we paused, candyfloss in hand, waiting for the main event: The float parade.

Actually there were only five floats, with only two really notable ones. The Smalls travelled down the road on a recreation of the Waterwitch, a British Naval Brig which intercepted slave ships after the abolition of slavery and brought the slaves to St Helena.

For some this was temporary and they eventually returned to their home territories. For many it was the end, and there are thousands of freed slaves buried here. Some settled here as free men and women and their descendants live here still.

The other notable float was a recreation of Longwood House where Napoleon Bonaparte lived for six years while exiled here until his death in 1821.

A good mate of ours played the man himself - suitably sombre and serious...

Except when he leapt up to do a quick burst of the Boney Boogie.

He was, of course, escorted by a regiment of His Majesties finest redcoats.


It was a fab parade to be part of - jigging down the street to carnival tunes. The floats were judged, and a winner declared.

The Waterwitch came in an admirable second.

Making the most of the occasion, Napoleon decided to take part in the Ladder challenge.

He made it to the top of the 699, 11 inch steps in a respectable time.

A lovely day finished in a beautiful evening.

And a beautiful evening finished, as all the best festivities should, with fireworks.



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  1. What a lovely day. Looks like it was lots of fun. Hope the broken arm heals soon! xx