Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Patchy perfection.

Well, maybe not perfection if you look closely but, I did it. I made a whole patchwork quilted blanket all by myself! I am so completely chuffed with it. 

I hand quilted either side of every join which was much harder work than I anticipated. I think I need a thimble contraption to stop my fingers getting sore!

But it was completely worth every stitch. I think it gives a lovely texture. All sort of quilty!

I used a wrap which I found in the island's one and only charity shop as the wadding.  I like the idea of upcycling and repurposing like this, but also, the nearest fabric shop is something over 1000 miles away!

I bound the edge in a lovely spotty blue from my stash, and backed it in a gorgeous piece of fabric given to me by an island friend.

Look here it is in all it's glory!

I worked very hard on making the corners neat and I am very pleased with the results.

Most of the squares came from a friend back in Scotland, who sent them as a wonderful surprise gift, but I added a few from my own stash.

This came from a pare of baby shorts which I bought just for the fabric, from the island charity shop.

This is a piece of one of J's shirts.

This is an offcut from Tall Girl's bean bag and the red gingham you can just see was a pantomime costume many moons ago.

Two of my favourite ikea fabrics.

A toddler blouse of Tall Girl's, long grown out of.

I experimented with my fabbie stamp and discovered that it is colourfast on fabric if ironed first, so I was able to add a label which I am super please with. There will be more labels on more things in the future!

It really was hand made with love. I absolutely loved making it. I loved working out how. I loved juggling the colours, searching out the right thread, choosing the backing and the binding, everything. I am also looking forward to packing it up and sending it off to it's final destination, which is a surprise so I'll shut up now.

I took the pictures today in a very special location, more of which very soon.



  1. Wow it's gorgeous every stitch sewn with love and full of memories too. I have to make a quilt it's on my list of things to do. Sarah x

    1. I can highly recommend it as an experience! I shall definitely be making another one.

  2. It looks lovely, something to treasure in the future.

  3. It's gorgeous - well done you! And your hand stitching is beautiful and you're right, it give the quilt a lovely texture too. The backing fabric is fab too. You should definitely be very chuffed! :-)

    1. I need to work out how to quilt smaller things like cushion covers and bags. Do you still need wadding or can you just use two layers of fabric?

  4. It's wonderful, lovely hand stitching there! :) x

  5. It is as wonderful in the flesh as it looks on here and its five week old owner appreciates it already! xx