Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Tears before bedtime

Yesterday was a day of shopping for school shoes and other tediousness interrupted only by grabbing the moment when it actually wasn't raining to cut the grass, so by tea time everyone was getting a bit scratchy. We decided to blow the cobwebs away and made an after-tea trip to the beach for a run about.

It started so well - the rain had driven most other people away and the tide was low so we had loads of space.

Shoes came off and we dug our toes into the sand, experimented with footprints and hand prints and squealed at the chilliness of the water in the puddles.

Just after I took this picture we all raced off into the sea...

then came a minor disaster. Tall Girl and Tiny boy collided, Tall girl banged her nose and Tiny Boy sat down in the sea. They didn't see the funny side. The seaside fun came to an abrupt end and I had to coax, cajole and carry three squawking smalls back up the beach. They pulled themselves together enough to spend a few minutes on the playground once I had provided dry trousers for Tiny Boy but the moment had past. I think we were all quite glad when it was time to come home.

Today was wet wet wet so we spent a chunk of the afternoon making a collage for Grandad. J's Dad is a bit under the weather so we are going to send him this picture of his garden to cheer him up. I just need to work out how to post it because it is about a metre wide!

I am making good progress with my mitred squares cushion which I will try to show you tomorrow.



  1. lovely blog , ive just started following ;0)

  2. Well at least you had fun on your previous post! Thanks for you support, and lovely comments! Ada :)