Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Hanging out at home

After our time away - three whole weeks for the Smalls - we are rediscovering how to be at our house.

I spent hours picking then removing leaves and bugs etc from 12lb blackcurrants.

I have made half of it into jam and am off to beg more jars for the other half later.

The smalls have been rediscovering their toys and local delights like the new splash park which they love.

Next week will be all about preparing for the new school year - shoes and uniform and PE kit etc but I am keeping this week a school free zone, letting them just play.



  1. I shall be around in the morning with my toast! Ada :)

  2. I made bread too so just rock up and we're all set! x

  3. That blackcurrant jam looks incredible! I am doing a similar task with all the grapes on our grapevines, except making juice instead of jam!