Friday, 17 August 2012

Tall Girl's view of London and Cornwall

We had a fab family holiday, taking two weeks to go down the East, across the bottom and up the West. As usual Tall Girl snuck off with my Camera quite a lot so I thought I'd show you her highlights...

Open top bus

despite the rain.

 All the sights.

Palace Guards.

Imagining being the little African girl in Sing at the Queen's jubilee concert.

Watching Tower Bridge open.

Going on the London Eye

and on a boat trip.

Really bumpy slide!

Hanging out with Pop.


Garden sculpture Tall Girl style.


Chilled out Mummy and Daddy.

Digestives, lots of digestives.

Making fairy dust

out of muddy water.

Running really fast with her best friend Lokie.
Splashing in puddles.

We also did beaches and castles and camping and more playgrounds and cafes and galleries and gardens but she was far too busy to photograph those.
Btw, the bus tour, boat trip, Tower Bridge tour and family rail card were all courtesy of Mr Tesco and saved us a fortune.


PS Did you spot the photos not taken by tall Girl?


  1. Looks like you had a fabulous time! I love Tall Girl's journalistic photo style. x

  2. What a great holiday, even better that you didn't cost you the earth! Ada :)