Friday, 20 April 2012

A little slice of paradise

Good afternoon!

Well we all got totally soaked on the way to school this morning but now the sun is shining, Giant Baby is asleep and I am going to tell you about one of my favourite places.

We regularly pack up our waterproofs and head off to the lovely Alnwick Gardens for a wee day out. We went off there on Monday since it was the last day of the Easter hols and we had spent much of the two week break plagued by upset tummys. I thought a little jolly to end the holidays on a high was in order.

It is a totally brilliant place at any time of year with fountains, (including ones you can play in although I don't seem to have taken any pictures of those),

wonderful flowers,

and very original planting.

These hedges on stilts are made of crab apple trees, as are the hedges either side of this gorgeous path.

At the moment they are smothered in blossom.

The kids simply love it here. They run  and jump and splash, then suddenly stop and peer at the beauty of a particularly wonderful flower. Here they are going on a bear hunt...

Giant Baby is wearing his big sister's fleece because I didn't quite get the coat selection right. Can you see one of the fountains in the background?

Now I managed to leave my sweetpeas out in the rain all night so I am going to declare them well and truly hardened off and I am going to take my chances and plant them out. I just have time before waking the bub and trotting off on the school run.


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