Sunday, 22 April 2012

Chancing the weather


Hope you are having a fun weekend.

I didn't zoom out on Friday afternoon and plant out the Sweetpeas. I got distracted instead. Easily done! Anyway after 48hours of heavy rain they were looking very sad indeed so when the Sun peeked out after lunch today I turfed Tall Girl, Tiny Boy and myself outside while J put  Giant Baby down for a nap.

This is the newest area of our garden. J and I put in a week of hard graft during the February half term while the Smalls were staying with their Grandparents. We are overjoyed with the result but of couse many of the climbers will take a while to reach the top so this year I am using my sweetpeas to suppliment them.

I planted both annual and perennial sweetpeas. I have been keen on the idea of perennial ones for a while - so keen infact that when I sorted out my seed stash I found FOUR unopened packets! Hmm might have to plant some more.

Next up for planting in the window sill though is cabbages, brussel sprouts and curly kale. Mine all germinated beautifully out in the seed bed then got eaten completely before they even made it past two leaves. If at first you don't succeed...


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