Monday, 31 October 2016

Bash SAD: Beating the winter blues

We have been enjoying some fabulous autumn sunshine recently. In an attempt to hang onto all this lovely light as the days get shorter I am hosting a little project over on instagram. Each day in November I am going to post an idea for banishing the winter blues. In order to spread the love as wide as possible, I am going to try to post the prompts here too. 

If you would like to join in and share what you get up to, you can use the hashtag #bashsad over on instagram, or you can leave a comment here. 

Here's a little sneaky peak at the full list so you can plan ahead:

Here's to a jolly November for everyone.



  1. What a great idea.Can't read Day 27.There is only one I can't do SING!!!

    1. Go on, give it a go when no one is listening. Sing something upbeat and fun.xx

  2. Eleanor, this is a wonderful idea. Sorry I've found it six days after you started but it is a great project. I will quietly join in :)

  3. PS: I hope this is OK but I've promoted your idea on my blog. It is such a great project for this dark & gloomy month.