Wednesday, 3 August 2016

One metre dungi-dresses

I am not much one for clothes shopping, or at least not the kind where you have to visit fashion outlets on the high street (I'm more of a charity shop/make it myself/order it online kind of shopper). But the last time I went, I noticed a new trend for dungarees. Now I love the idea of dungarees - comfy, easy to wear, practical - but sadly dungarees do not love me.

They make me look pregnant. Which I am not. Nor do I want to be.

But but but, I also noticed that the fashion extends to dungaree dresses. Now you're talking! Except, all I could find in my short and slightly scared foray into the high street stores were dresses so short that looking pregnant would be the least of my worries.

I gave up and came home.

Then... whilst perusing the delights of instagram, I came upon a series of posts by Mrs Fairy Steps aka Ren. She was making herself what she described as a pinapron, based on the shape of her favourite kitchen apron. This was the light bulb moment. I took her brief but excellent instructions, both my kitchen aprons and a box of pins and started playing in front of the mirror.

Now I am not especially fond of the shape of either of my aprons but they were a start. After all, an apron and dungarees have a lot in common...  I made a paper pattern and then dived in with a metre of ikea's best £3 per meter cotton.

Ta Da!

Yup, you read right. Just one metre of material to make a frock for a not so skinny me. Plus an off-cut of something else for the facings.

I decided against the pocket on the bib and went for dungaree style patch pockets instead.

The one metre thing only works if your fabric doesn't have a way up (or I suppose if you don't mind having the back upside down).

I totally love it! The only problem is I keep wanting to wipe my hands on it because, you know, it's quite like an apron...

In fact, I love it so much

Ta Da!

I made another one. Out of a piece of upholstery material from my stash. It had no label but I think it is silk. I washed it and tumble dried it first to shrink it and soften it. It is a very dense weave, so has something of denim about it, but the reverse is smooth and gorgeous. I made all the facings from the same stuff but wrong side out. I also made it a bit longer to wear with tights in the winter rather than jeans or leggings.

I have to confess that I have been eyeing up my stash for other possibilities... Just one little metre!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I am really please how they came out and how versatile they are to wear.

  2. Great idea, I have just pinched it and drawn a pattern up. I was going to make project bags for my woolly makes today, that may happen after a pinapron or three.

    1. Ooo I'd love to see how you get on. I'd like to try a kangaroo pocket, or a pocket up o the bib. I'm thinking a woolly or corduroy one for the winter...

  3. Theyre both lovely. I like the red best, and they'd be good in autumn too with tights and a woolly teashirt! Funny how fashions keep coming round - I wore dungarees when I was 20 - a LONG time ago! xCathy