Thursday, 21 July 2016

Summer Fun

School finished early on Tuesday so we used the bonus hour at the beginning of our summer holiday to make a list of lots of things we fancy doing.

Unfortunately, when we got up next morning eager to make a start on some serious summer fun, we realised that Big Trouble has chicken pox. Disaster!

Never the less we have done our best. We began with Big Trouble's favourite suggestion: Watch lots of TV. Hmmm not quite what I had in mind but poxy boys need lots of down time so TV it was. Actually, I didn't watch too. I couldn't bear to waste the day. Instead, I pottered about tidying up and sorting out and admiring the thunder and lightening which were pretty impressive.

Next up, Tall Girl's suggestion: Painting nails. Seventy of them. She did her own, but I did mine and the boys. Nail varnish is banned in term time so this is a real summer holiday treat.

Today I had to work and Grandma was on Small duty, but when I got back we had a go at making ice lollies. Chopped fruit and lemonade. We're waiting with baited breath to see ho they turn out...

I reckon we have another 3 or 4 days of keeping away from people, excessive sunshine, sand and salt water. Looks like cooking, sewing and straws will have to keep us occupied until we can hit the beach for some sand art and sea side jollies.



  1. hope the other smalls have had it!Be careful going out in the public.My OH has immune problems an d C pox would be a real problem.bx

  2. Happened to us once on a ferry to France at the start of the school holidays - had to go to the remotest beaches which upset the in -laws who were with us and wanted to go to towns!