Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Twelve Days of Christmas

Can you hear it? That slightly mechanical manic laughter? That is the sound of time mocking me. I have been trying to make time to blog more and have failed spectacularly. I only have time right now because I have skived off choir with the aim of an early night. Hmm we shall see...

Anyway, back in those early days of the New Year, I finished opening my 12 little parcels from Janet of MacQue who was my partner for the 12 days of Christmas swap organised by Jo at Through the Keyhole. The plan: to send and receive 12 little individually wrapped parcels of happy for the 12 days of Christmas.

Janet had obviously gone to a lot of trouble with pretty wrappings and hand made tags. Some of my gifts were hand made too...

Thanks very much!



  1. What lovely things to have received! All so beautifully packaged as well to make them extra special! Swaps are fun aren't they! xx