Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Say Little Hen 100% Spelt Sourdough

A little while ago I offered to test a recipe for Sarah at Say Little Hen. She had been working for a while to perfect her own 100% spelt sourdough loaf and was thinking of publishing the recipe. Now, Sarah grinds her own spelt flour (as well as rearing sheep and cows and hens and tending a fab veggie garden) in Queensland, Australia. It is hot and dry there right now and we wondered how the recipe would fair in damp cold Blighty. 

I don't grind my own spelt flour, but I know a place that does, so I used spelt flour ground about 10 miles away at Heatherslaw Mill, Northumberland's only working water mill. 

All went well until I left my loaf to rise... It rose more out than up so mid-rise I flopped my UFO pancake thingy into a loaf tin which probably knocked some air out of it. It was a bit denser than I would hope but it was very yummy ad I will definitely be having another go. I think I'll go for the tin from the outset and see what happens. 

You can try Sarah's recipe too because she has published it on her blog along with a fab photo tutorial. I'd love to hear how you get on.



  1. The Hairy Bikers reckon it is easy to over knead spelt bread. Maybe this is what happened. Good luck with the next one.

  2. I've never had much success rising Spelt free form, which is why I purchased bannetons, so that I could rise the bread in them and then still bake them free form on a tray.

    Thank-you so much for trying this out!
    Sarah xx

  3. It still looks good, I expect it would be nice served with cheese or soup - or both together! x

  4. I agree with Jo, go Welsh and serve it with a bowl of cawl (soup) and a chunk of cheese. Spelt bread has a lovely taste, it is past time that I made some.

  5. I agree with Pam's idea. Thats what we do particularly with any bread that might be denser than we'd like.
    Will definitely give this a go! Thanks!

  6. The cut loaf looks fabulous. I love spelt bread, so will definitely give this a go (ahem, that means I'll ask my bread-making husband to give it a go!).

  7. Good to try new things and find out what works for you isn't it. xx