Tuesday, 22 September 2015

The best thing about Holy Island

We went on a jolly to Holy Island on Sunday. It is one of those places that is an island at high tide but not at low tide, like St Michael's Mount in Cornwall and countless others around the coast of the UK. At low tide you can drive across which is exactly what we did. 

 It is very pretty with a perfect unspoiled village with more than its fair share of cafe's, a winery where they make mead, a priory, several churches and a castle on a rock.

There are two great gardens which I failed to photograph but which I have talked about before here. And these fabulous fishermen's sheds made out of boats, or made like boats, I am not sure which.

There was even a visit from the RAF which provides the air ambulance service. Together with the island coast guard they were extremely efficient about taking a local man off to hospital after a suspected heart attack.

But none of these is the best thing about Holy Island in my humble opinion...

The best thing is this.

Hundreds of Makka Pakka style stone sculptures. Made, as far as I can tell, on a whim by members of the public out for a walk like us. Truly art of the people.

There were arches.

Some had become small rooms.

Some were clearly made by purists.

J made one and discovered that it is harder than it looks.

Then I had a go.

I found this stretch of about 1/4 mile of the beach filled with spontaneous art very moving and joyful, Just people playing with stones. People being inspired by other people. People having fun.

If you are nearby I urge you to pop by and play too.



  1. Its on our list to visit again then next time we're in the UK. Had tea at the Barn at Beal as you suggested. It was a fabulous day!

  2. i always remember the thud of the tyres on the ridges in the causeway ...i would love to go again

  3. What lovely simple things to do..lovely post. mAria xx

  4. Omg how wonderful!
    Grandson made a 2d T Rex and a spinosaurus recently with stones and I was thrilled with that since it was his own idea! But these are amazing, as if in pilgrimage, folks are drawn to build their own icon.

  5. How great that you added your own pebble offerings! xx

  6. oh my goodness that is amazing, how lovely to see them all in the flesh so to speak, i have 3 stones form my honey moon that we keep in the garden stacked like this!
    best d xx

  7. Stunning!
    Now that is TRUE art, made with pure joy x

  8. Just got your message, I'm your Christmas swap partner. Will send you my address.

  9. Here's my e-mail address: janetg@coastalnow.net
    Contact me and I'll send you my address.

  10. Just popping by your blog... What a beautiful place to visit! I would love to go there "someday" :)