Thursday, 27 August 2015

The secret of Staithes

Staithes is a pretty Yorkshire village, made famous to CBeebies viewers as the setting for Old Jack's Boat.
It has lots to charm the visitor: beach, harbour, river, pretty cottages...

We loved this street. So narrow you could only walk through sideways.

There were lots of careful details...

Careful details that require closer inspection...

Oh yes, the village is host to a series of eight trompe-l'œil artworks created for the 2014 Staithes Festival by Paul Czainski.

We could only find four and discovered after we left that there is a leaflet leading you round them all. I'd love to go back and find the rest.



  1. I havent been to Staithes in more than 30 years. I must visit next time I am heading over to Whitby.

  2. another beautiful place i shall never get to again...grrrrr

  3. What a beautiful place! Those paintings are amazing aren't they. I thought that the fishing floats were hanging there and were real!! xx