Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Do you mind if I knit blanket: the raffle

Out of the saddest and most terrible events, good things can happen. My friend and neighbour Vanessa Cabban took her own life in December. Although I did not know her well, I was extremely shaken and, along with many in the blogging and craft community, mourned her loss with dismay and confusion. How could this have happened to someone so full of life?

Of course, the reason was the silent demon of mental ill-health. Depression.

The Mental Health Foundation works to raise awareness off the issues surrounding mental health, to influence policy and legislation, and conducts research to better understand mental health problems and improve the future of the nation's mental wellbeing. This is the charity that Vanessa's family have asked people to support in her memory.

The online craft community, lead by Lisa of Bobo Bun have come together to remember Vanessa and to raise money to help the Metal Health Foundation in the best way we know how. We have made something. We have made a blanket.

Over forty crafters have crocheted granny squares in colours chosen to represent Vanessa's distinctive colour pallet. These squares are currently being stitched together to form a beautiful blanket full of love. The picture below shows approximately 1/4 of the squares. You can find the full list of contributors and the story of how the blanket came about on Lisa's blog.

The blanket is being raffled in aid of the Mental Health Foundation. Tickets are £2 each and the raffle will be open until midnight on Monday 1 June. The winner will be drawn at random on Friday 5th June. You can purchase your tickets here.

At the time of writing the raffle has raised over £650. We can do even better with your help.


The images in this post have been used with the kind permission of Lisa at Bobo Bun or have been taken from Vanessa's blog: Do you mind if I knit? I hope she wouldn't mind.


  1. That's great news about the amount raised so far x

  2. I too was so shocked about her death and the way her life ended.... I still look at her blog - so very, very sad. What a thoughtful idea about the blanket and what a wonderful way to remember her and to contribute in a positive way too.

  3. I knew she had died but hadn't realised she had taken her own life, which is doubly sad.
    Depression I know, is like a shroud that can engulf you and its still so misunderstood by the many who have never experienced its debilitation.
    This is a wonderful idea to celebrate, commemorate and inform whilst raising funds and awareness!