Thursday, 28 August 2014

South Africa part 3: all about the lions

My favorite animal is elephants but Big Trouble's favorite is most definately lions. In fact he IS a lion, as only a small boy can be.

So when your lion obsessed smallest Small turns four (4!) whilst on holibobs in South Africa, what do you do? You go find him some lions!

So we took the loveliest lion of all to a big cat park to find his compatriots.

Not a lion, a puma.

Not a lion, two cheetahs.

Still not a lion but quite exciting...


 Happy belated birthday to my little lion cub.



  1. What a brilliant lion birthday! Happy Birthday little lion!!! xx

  2. He looks so cute in his lion skin x

  3. What a wonderful place to celebrate a birthday. You've all had such a fabulous experience.