Thursday, 26 September 2013

Two lovely places make for a great day out

I have blogged about Alnwick and all its loveliness before but it is one of our favourite haunts and one of the first places we headed to once we were safely back in Englandshire.

Alnwick Gardens is pricey for a single visit but we hope to go a few times so an annual ticket was worth it for us.

There are tractors - always a winner.

Dancing fountains.

Did I mention the tractors?

Fabby imaginative planting.

Completely gorgeous flowers for every season.

Pergolas, rills, waterfalls...


Did I mention the fountains?

What's not to like? Actually, what's not to like is the café which is cafeteria-style, noisy, expensive and serves UHT milk out of stupid plastic cartons that spill on your hand instead of nice pasteurised milk out of a jug.

Happily there is a more than satisfactory alternative a short stroll away.

The old station is the most wonderful second hand book shop. Actually warehouse would be more accurate - it is massive!

AND there are trains running around the top of the shelves  - you can imagine what the Smalls made of those...

The waiting room has be turned into the most wonderful cosy café with comfy chairs, pretty cushions,

a roaring fire,

and great tea and cake at sensible prices.

A perfect end to a great day out.



  1. I'd love to spend some time here, the gardens look fab! :) x

  2. Heard about that bookshop... been meaning to go for ages. Looks like a great day out. Jacqui x

  3. We visited Barter Books this summer when camping at Beednell Bay, such a brilliant book shop.