Monday, 28 January 2013

Persian Sweetie shop Blanket #3


Just a quickie today to show you the start of the next stage of my blanket. There are two more sets of stripes to do on the other sides then I can fill in the corners with more squares.

I am really loving this project. The colours, the design process, working out the logic of how to make it look the way it does in my head...

And I am enjoying watching it grow: 12.3% of a blanket!  (plus a million ends to sew in)



  1. wow! Its GORGEOUS!! I really need to learn to crochet!

    1. Thanks! I have done a couple of tutorials for flowers but any book with a granny square in it should see you right or ask in your local wool shop... It is VERY FUN.

  2. this is coming along a treat, don`t envy you the task of sewing in all the ends, imagine if you leave them all to the end it will take quite a while

  3. Eleanor - what do you do with the ends? How do you 'sew them in'? (Not that I can remember how to crochet even, but I have always wondered about this!)

  4. You thread them on a needle then weave them into the other stitches.