Thursday, 1 November 2012

Take Note

Our Grand Adventure is galloping ever closer and I am starting to think about all the great things about life here that are going to be put on hold for a while.

Last night was the penultimate choir practise I will be able to go to. It is a little choir, 12 on a busy night and also very new. It was formed back in the spring for people who want to sing but don't have any pretentions about being ever so good.

Talent and experience are very much optional, but the enthusiasm is infectious. We have an extremely talented choir master who at only 19 is wonderful at nurturing our little group, confidently leading and teaching people two and three times his age.

As will many of the good things in life, much tea is involved, but the best bit is the singing. I am not much of a singer but I love it. I am an alto, so get to sing all the interesting parts. It is brilliant when we try a new piece, have terrible trouble getting to grips with it, and then suddenly it comes together and starts to sound ok.

I always get home on a high, bounding with energy despite it being pretty much bed time. I think it should be prescribed as a daily tonic before breakfast!

Oh, and there's proper biscuits...



  1. That sounds like my sort of choir, I was asked, ever so politely, to leave the choir when I was at school! I love singing, but others aren't so keen! :)

  2. Just read about your grand adventure! How very exciting. I love to sing too and would love to be in a choir.
    Victoria xx

  3. Singing really is good for the soul! Hopefully you will find a lovely choir to join on St Helena.. or start your own :-)