Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Perfect Pizza

We had great fun on Sunday making our own Pizza from scratch. We followed Hugh's recipe in Every Day and it was amazing.

The Smalls really enjoyed helping me make the dough although ten whole minutes of kneading lost their interest a bit.

They were astounded that it had risen all by itself while we made the tomato sauce.

They each made their own with their own choice of toppings.

Liberally applied the cheese.

And voila! Way more pizza than two Bigs and three Smalls could possibly eat. I think it would have been a lot for five Bigs, but it was good reheated the next day too.

They declared the wine to be Yu'y although I disagreed...

But everyone enjoyed Neapolitan ice cream with two kinds of sauce!

I can highly recommend it as a fun way to pass a couple of hours and to produce an amazingly delicious meal. We'll definitely do it again, although with about 2/3 the dough next time.


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  1. Kids love making pizzas, especially home created ones! Yummy! Ada :(